TermoRossella Plus Evo DSA

TermoRossella Plus Evo DSA

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La Nordica Extraflame

La Nordica-Extraflame Wood Thermal Product. Small lightweight wood-burning stove that allows you to connect to the plumbing system and heat the radiator water. High grade cast iron, although subjected to high thermal loads Post-combustion and DSA safety device including Clean glass control KW- Nominal: 12.8

Termorossella Plus Evo DSA is La Nordica Extraflame wood thermoplate suitable for irradiation heating with the possibility of connecting to plumbing plumbing to heat radiator water.

The stove is made of Natural or Maiol stone exterior, with cast iron doors, 750 ° ceramic glass and removable door drawer.

The size of the stove is mm.559x915x533 and the weight is kg. 162/175 depending on the version

H2O 8.5

The stove is manufactured with DSA system, automatic safety device for sudden abstraction of water temperature according to current regulations. This allows the installation of a closed expansion vessel of a wood fixture.

The heatable volume of the stove is 366 metricubes with a yield of 83% and a wood consumption of approximately 3.6 kg. of wood.

Product variants

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TermoRossella Evo More DSA Liberty Bordeaux

Code TermoRossella Evo Plus DSA Liberty Bordeaux

Material: Majolica

Color: Bordeaux

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TermoRossella Evo Plus D.S.A. Liberty Pergamena

Code TermoRossella Evo Plus DSA Liberty Pergamena

Material: Majolica

Color: Parchment

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TermoRossella Evo Plus DSA Pietra Naturale

Code TermoRossella Evo Plus DSA Pietra Naurale

Material: Natural Stone

Color: Natural stone