Novella kw 11

Novella kw 11

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News 2015 News Kw 11 Dimensions mm. 550 x 1060 x 583 Weight kg. 146 M3 heated: 295 Flue pipe outlet diameter: 80 mm Nominal thermal power. helpful: 3.1 to 10.3 kW Overall thermal power from 3.3 to 11.4 kW Efficiency> 90% Hourly consumption: 0.7 to 2.3 kg / h Fuel tank capacity about 18 kg Hearth: Cast Iron Remote Control: YES thermostat Weekly: YES

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News 2015
News 11 Kw
Stove excellent performance exceptionally above 90% with a capacious reservoir for approximately 18 kg of pellets.
Majolica cladding, forced ventilation and removable cast iron fireplace.
Heat exchanger with manual cleaning system.
Internal thermostat.
Safety thermostat and thermostat with weekly programming.
REMOTE included.
Rear outlet.
M3 heated: 295

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NOVELLA Kw 11 Ivory

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Coating Majolica Ivory

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Color: Ivory

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