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NADIA is a NEW 'Palazzetti. the stove top for performance. And 'an oven at 12 kw with ceramic coating of three colors, top in cast iron and glass front. graphic digital display. Dimensions fifth x 55 x 118 kg.130 kW / N Weight 12 Nominal thermal power kcal / h 10,320 Average yield (yield) 88% max Autonomy 28 hours Tank capacity kg 19 Pellet consumption per hour kg / h 0.69 ÷ 2.88 Output rear smoke ø 8 cm

Nadia is one of the novelties of 2014/15 Palazzetti.Viene produced with ceramic coating of four colors (Beige, Sahara Yellow, Black, Bordeaux), top in cast iron and glass front.
The firebox and brazier are made of cast iron with high thickness;
The pellet feed system to Stella, with large drawer for the collection of ashes:
digital graphic display, with the ability to set programmable time bands of operation on a daily and weekly basis.
Room sensor for the management of the desired temperature with the possibility to connect the stove to an external thermostat.
The room fan is adjustable on more speed.

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Coating Majolica

Color: Beige