Anastasia Plus 14 Kw

Anastasia Plus 14 Kw

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La Nordica Extraflame

Anastasia Plus 14 Kw New of La Nordica Extraflame with dual hot air ducting we have the possibility to heat 3 rooms. 3 Centrifugal motors Heatable volume: Mc 344 Weight: Kg. 185 Dimensions L 560 x H 1121 x P 578 Exhaust smoke of 80

Anastasia Plus 14 Kw is a novelty of La Nordica Extraflame canalizzabile up to 8 mt with 80Tre Hot Air Exit Hot Air Output Centrifugal Motors.
With the ACF Acoustic comfort Fan system, the ventilation speed is adjusted for increased comfort.
High quality majolica finish.
Forced ventilation, ash drawer, extractable cast iron paint.
Heat exchanger with manual cleaning system.
Safety thermostat.
Anastasia canned pellet stove has an internal thermostat.
Pre-set thermostat (TA).
Weekly chronothermostat.
Remote control included.
Auto Clean Checkup.
Auto re-start.
EAC Electronic air control accurately measures primary and secondary air to improve combustion and thermal efficiency for greater energy savings.
Thanks to its high yield, you get tax incentives, including the famous heat account.

Product variants

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Anastasia Plus Bianca

Code Anastasia Plus Bianca

Double Stove Kw Canal 14 Performance> 89%

Color: White Maiolica

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Anastasia Plus Bordeaux

Code Anastasia Plus Bordeaux

Double Stove Kw Canal 14 Performance> 89%

Color: Maiolica Bordeaux

Anastasia Plus Tortora

Code Anastasia Plus Tortora

Double Stove Kw Canal 14 Performance> 89%

Color: Maiolica Tortora